About Us

As the son of a miner, João Agripino Sena was introduced very early to the wonderful world of gemstones. Born in Vitoria da Conquista, Bahia, Brazil, he started to travel with his father at the age of 16, buying rough gemstones straight from the miners then cutting and selling the gems to the final customer.

Bringing together quality and prices, he quickly made a big number of clients in Salvador, the capital of Bahia. Thus, Lasbonfim, an anagram for Lapidação Senhor do Bonfim was born in 1967, when he opened his first office in the neighborhood of Barbalho, Salvador.

In 1975 he married Maria das Dores, from Pavão, Minas Gerais, in whom he found the best business partner and soul mate.

In 1977 they opened the first Lasbonfim store at Barra district, followed by Lasbonfim Itaigara, at Itaigara shopping mall.

In 1981, they expended once again, after finding the perfect location in the Historical Center of Salvador, and they opened Lasbonfim Carmo.

Being in the Historical Center of Salvador (Cultural Heritage by Unesco), gave them the chance to buy a colonial house of 1450 m2, the first Bank of Brazil in the XVIII century. The building has been left to rot, and took them 6 years to renovate and transform it into an elegant and comfortable, main showplace and store as well as specialized areas for gemstone cutting, goldsmith, and uncut mineral exhibition.

Lasbonfim is now  synonymous  with tradition, high quality and fair prices, all of them expressed in titles from IBGM, NCA, American Society; American Commerce Chambers, El Salvador Commerce Chambers and Nautical Center, to list a few.

Since João passed in 2001, the Labonfim tradition is kept alive by his widow Maria with the support of their children: Karina, Joberto and João Jr.